By choosing collaboration with law firm "TALEKS" You get:

  • Qualified legal consultation
  • Solving issues with minimal time and finance
  • Properly drafted documents
  • Timely protection of your rights
  • The experience and knowledge of the whole staff of attorneys and lawyers
  • Guarantees confidentiality of information and advocate secrecy

The Company's Credo is individuality and the lack of standard solutions.

Operating principles are integrity and good faith.

Leading specialists of company:

Kazakova Tatyana

  • Director of company "Taleks"
  • A leading expert in the field of civil, commercial, labor corporate, land and intellectual property law.
  • Member of the Ukranian National Bar Association.
  • Member of ASSOCIATION FOUNDATION of Ukraine

Education: higher legal, higher technical.

Has experience in the field of law for more than 10 years.

For many years headed the legal department of a large group of factories in Ukraine. As a practicing lawyer, Tatyana always behaved with understanding to possibility to unprotected segments of population to get a worthy legal assistance, providing services in terms of pro bono more than 500 hours. In addition, Tatyana works with starting lawyers, yesterday students, helping them to master all the subtleties and nuances of the legal profession.

Maksimenko Oleg

  • Partner, a leading expert in the field of criminal, administrative law, international economic activity.
  • Member of the Ukranian National Bar Association.

Education: higher legal.

Practices law since 1993. Maksimenko Oleg consistently takes an active position, openly opposing the actions of law enforcement officers protecting the customers of "Taleks" in status of suspected, defendants, victims or witnesses.

Muratov Sergey

  • Partner, specialist in criminal, administrative, banking and civil law
  • Member of the Ukranian National Bar Association.

Education: higher Law.

Sergey began his career as an investigator in 1999, and in 2008 became a practicing lawyer.

Our solicitors are ready to help you in matters of business or in resolving personal matters. We can to provide you with a written consultation and protection in state establishments.